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Individual or group visits to the Oleo Almanzora facilities

Facilities located at Polígono Industrial de Pulpí, Calle I, Nº 8 ;04640 – PULPÍ, (Almeria), ANDALUSIA – SPAIN.

The visit consists of a tour around the offices, tasting room, storeroom and bottling plant, ending with a photo session in the photocall zone.
Open to the general public (Children must be accompanied by an adult); in Spanish and English.

Dirigida a todo tipo de públicos en general ( niños acompañados ) idioma Español e Inglés.

Horario de 9:30h a 13:30h y de 16:00h a 19:00h, todos los días y durante todo el año.


Information and bookings: :

Phone: + 34 950 464 180

WhatsApp: +34 646 59 71 15

      Email: info@oleoalmanzora.com


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