Experts in the production of extra virgin olive oil

Oleoalmanzora is a company in the Spanish Olive Oil sector. An agribusiness project promoted by Mr. Jose Sanchez Parra, a passionate of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He comes from a long tradition of several generations of olive growers who have been changing and adapting olive farming systems, to the latest environmentally friendly technologies. Ensuring to obtain the highest quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The company has four Olive yards with more than 30,000 Arbequina olive trees variety in a super intensive farming production, and 5000 Koroneiki Olive trees variety.

The main activity of the company is to transform the fruits of their selected Olive yards in Extra Virgin Olive Oil gourmet, by providing authentic, top quality Premium olive juice to the consumers.

We aim to obtain that by Controlling the entire production process of “Oleoalmanzora” Extra virgin Olive Oil  from the care and management of the olive grove, the correct collection of fruit at the optimum time of ripening, proper transport, adequate grinding by the first cold pressing only through mechanical procedures. Culminating with proper storage in warehouses. Through this process we ensure that the consumer gets Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality and unique flavor.The production process begins with the early harvest of olives in October, by mechanical means which does not damage the fruit, to achieve the highest quality oil with only 0.1 degrees of acidity.

From the rapid transport to grinding, together with low whipping temperatures, hygiene control and quality protocol of the whole process, are the keys to our success. To maintain quality over time, storage is done in inerted stainless steel tanks within temperature controlled cellar. Finally packaged in dark glass, to preserve the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil gourmet.

Quality awards to our products

AWARDS oleoalmanzora

Equipo de Trabajo

The recognition that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has obtained is a shared prize to a group of workers who have given everything to this project. These workers, always inspired by their spirit of achievement, have strived daily in order to improve; and even though we have encountered several difficulties along our path, we have also achieved great rewards.

After having evaluated the project, we can state that our objectives are accomplished thanks to these five pillars;

Eagerness, personal motivation, determination, Method and Organization.
Gourmet Quality Oil

Exceptionally Extra Virgin Olive Oil with wonderful vegetable aromas. Medium high green fruity aroma, echoes of green banana, grass and almonds. On the palate it is smooth and exquisitely sweet, gliding along the tongue like a soft caress.

Pearls de Oleo Almanzora

The discovery of the 21st century, the extra virgin Olive Oil, becomes a “Taste Explosion” that will carry, you to the finest of haute cuisine.

Management and tradition

Mr. Jose Sanchez Parra, a passionate of  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He comes from a long tradition of several generations of olive growers.