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PEARLS Oleoalmanzora 180g



Format: 180 gr Glass

Quality: EVOO

Bottles per box: 6




How do I keep this product, so that it always continues with the same quality?

  • Away from light sources, heat, or strong odors.
  • Store between 18oC and 24oC (Preferable to be lowered from 18oC before it rises from 24oC)
  • The jar should always be closed after use of the product.
  • Pearls must always be covered by their own cover oil. So they’re always hydrated.

Does it break with the temperature?

Holds up to 60oC spins without melting. You can put on top of meats, hot fish and soups of all kinds

How can it be taken?

  • It can be used in any dish, where Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in Raw.
  • In soups (hot or cold).
  • In Carpachos.
  • With seafood; fish or meat.
  • In vegetable or fruit salads.
  • In pastry (for example, it pairs very well with dark chocolate).
  • Recommended for tapas; snacks, canapés and others.
  • It can be taken alone, without any problem. It is high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil covered with a gelatin membrane of vegetable origin (in this case seaweed).


Very delicate oil with diverse fruit aromas, a notable hint of bitterness, spice and astrin- gency that predominate over sweetness.

Its olfactory profile is rich in aromatic herbs and different fruits; it has an intense green fruitiness, redolent of the leaf and branch of olives, figs and vegetables.

The discovery of the 21st century, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, becomes a “Taste Explosion” that will carry”, you to the finest of haute cuisine.

PERFIL DE CATA DE ACEITE ARBEQUINA OLEO ALMANZORAOleoalmanzora has taken a step further and has developed a product designed for the restaurant industry, for chefs who love luxurious dishes and pay excellent attention to detail. This new product will bring glamour and explosive notes of flavour to their dishes. Knowing how to appreciate the aspects that define a good product is immersing yourself into a fascinating gastronomic world


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