Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Between the Sea and the Mountains in the fields of Pulpí, land of Andalucía this Golden Liquid is created natured by the Mediterranean Sun.

Oleo Almanzora is a familiy owned olive oil company in Andalucía, which for many generations has passed on the knowledge and values of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The main activity of the company is to transform the fruit, from select olive tre plantations, into Premium or Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, providing their costumers with a high quality, authentic product.

Cold Extraction
Early Harvest
Natural Juice
Basis of the Mediterranean diet
Health effects Beneficial – Preventive

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Arbequina Premium, 40g y 180g



product designed for the restaurant industry, for chefs who love luxurious dishes and pay excellent attention to detail. This new product will bring glamour and explosive notes of flavour to their dishes.
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The discovery of the 21st century, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, becomes a “Taste Explosion” that will carry, you to the finest of haute cuisine.

Pearls caviar oleo almanzora

Frequent Questions

OleoAlmanzora is a small family business, with a long olive tradition, that have adapted to new technologies, and that thanks to their training and professionalism produce one of the best olive juices in the world.

OleoAlmanzora solo produce Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra de máxima calidad, reconocido nacional e internacionalmente con diversos premios  a la calidad de sus productos.

OleoAlmanzora only produces the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, recognized nationally and internationally with various awards for the quality of its products.

All our production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from our own farms. Today we have more than 40,000 olive trees.

Both are very good Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Each has a different pairing / use.
We recommend Arbequina to be used raw, such as toasts, salads, pastries, fruit salads, for making sauces, for use with meat deave, for use in creams, etc.
The Coupage also for use in toasts, salads; You can pair very well with fish such as salmon or tuna, or for example with red meat.

We only pack extra filtered virgin olive oils, so that the consumer receives the best product at home. Filtration is done to remove solid particles (parts of bone, skin, etc.), which cause the loss of quality of the final product.

Glass and can are good as long as they are dark so that they can protect the product from the sun’s rays, which alter the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There are other formats such as the bag in box that are also good for the conservation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Plastic is the worst for product protection.

In a dark place to avoid the sun’s rays, in an area where the temperature is between 18ºC and 24ºC, and away from products that give off odor. Also always keep the bottle or can closed.

In a dark place to avoid the sun’s rays, in an area where the temperature is between 18ºC and 24ºC, and away from products that give off odor. Also always keep the bottle or can closed.

No, the color depends on the variety of the olive, the time of harvest, the time of the year you are in and other factors.

For this family, it is a pride that year after year our Extra Virgin Olive Oil receives distinctions from the main national and international competitions for quality. This reinforces our desire to continue improving, and providing consumers with a maximum olive juice quality.

Isidoro Haro Rubio

OleoAlmanzora is formed by a group of people who go out of their way every day, and who have put all their illusion into this project making great efforts, always with the spirit of overcoming day to day

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The company OLEO ALMANZORA, S.L. It has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an Internationalization Plan with the objective of improving its competitive positioning abroad during 2018. To this end, it has counted with the support of the XPANDE Program of LA CÁMARA DE COMERCIO DE ALMERÍA.